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Hoax on privacy renewal and new terms

Hoax on privacy renewal and new terms

We ‘ve talked about this many times in recent days, but it’s not enough if many users have actually decided Drop WhatsApp To switch Signal. This is another messaging application that, in the head of many, is not a relevant one Privacy renewal and new terms will be accepted by February 8th. Unlike what the WhatsApp group’s automatic message tells us. A big misunderstanding we talked about Several times a week, Tries to reassure Italy and everyone else in Europe, but apparently our efforts are not enough.

Hoax leading to drop of WhatsApp for signal after privacy update and new terms

The problem is complex, and the WhatsApp staff did nothing to make it clear to us. In particular, many are willing to switch to the signal, already doing so, to the point where the team has to explain su Twitter They register for any reason Delay in sending verification code:

“Verification codes are currently delayed by many providers, as many new entrants now want to join the signal (we can not contain our excitement).“.

That should be kept in mind as everyone is free to switch from WhatsApp to Signal The question arises from the fraud regarding the privacy renewal and the new security regulations imposed on February 8th. This is not the case because both sites operate identically with the same security standards Final to final encryption.

Reported by BBC, Facebook, European and British users who own WhatsApp have publicly stated that they will not implement the aforementioned data sharing changes, however they will have to comply with the new terms by February 8th. Therefore, We do not have updates on Privacy and Terms of Use, but above all there is no security difference between WhatsApp and Signal.

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