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Bad weather in Sardinia, firefighter with electric shock: he dies while working

Bad weather in Sardinia, firefighter with electric shock: he dies while working

Tragedy நுல்வி, In the province சசாரி, A firefighter died during a security intervention on an electrical connection pole. Giving the message is the same fire force, posting condolences on Twitter, with black ribbon as a sign of mourning, as follows:

“A firefighter died during an intervention to protect the unprotected pole of an electrical connection in the town of Nulwi in Sasari province. Investigations are underway to establish the cause of the dramatic accident.”

From the first information the man will be Power by high voltage cables.

The victim, 54, was called, according to “La Nua Sardegna” Donello Scan And lived in Ossie. The firefighter intervened with the provincial command team at ‘Bala‘ e Colora ’, on Serra Lucy Road, which connects the city with Anglona Road, as strong winds hit the island in the past few hours as the power connection cable was severed from a pole. The electric shock struck him.

The intervention of the rescued is futile. 118 intervened at the scene, to locate the carabiner, dynamics, and other firefighters of the Sasari company. There is the local public prosecutor’s office Opened an inquiry. It is up to the judiciary to shed light on the causes of the tragedy.

Condolences on the death of Deputy Secretary of State Carlo Cipilia on Twitter: “I offer my condolences and condolences to the family of Fifty-four-year-old Fireman Donello Scanou, who died in the town of Nulwi in the province of Sazari. Keeps and intervenes where needed. A warmth National Fire Force for a large family “.

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