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Mixed Cost # 258: Facebooks Metaverse-Vision

In Chapter # 258 of MixCastcast, we talk about the best view of the future of Facebook: Metaverse. What is behind it? Is there something behind it?

Facebook wants to become a Metaverse company

In about five years, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg will want to make sure that Facebook surpasses its social media look and that it is considered a “Metevers company”.

However, Zuckerberg is not yet eager to put these metawares into concrete terms.

For example, he says: Metaverse should expand into many devices and companies, which should also be the location for digital encounters and products – but VR or AR is not a prerequisite for a ticket. Smartphone or PC and game consoles should also provide access.

Seems like there is a little bit of XR bit on the internet? Somehow yes, but according to Zuckerberg it will be more than that: Metaverse should be imagined as the “heir of the mobile internet”..

Do you understand? No? Not with us either. Follow us to the narrow limits of our imagination and create your own great ideas. Because Facebook would not have predicted the 1980s.

The podcast is available here

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Mixed Cost # 258: Facebooks Metaverse-Vision Last modified: August 4, 2021 By Matthias Bastian

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