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Release date postponed, thanks to developers players -

Release date postponed, thanks to developers players –

New worldAmazon’s promising MMORPG postponed. There Exit date Game postponed September 28, 2021. The developers thanked the players for their support and feedback.

The announcement took place via Twitter, with a long message that you can read in the translation below: “We are honored by the support New World has received from players around the world during the closed beta. During the beta, more than a million adventurers played a total of more than 16 million hours. It has become one of the most watched games on World Twitch and the most played game on Steam.

By the way, you also gave us a ton of feedback that we use to make the new world even better. We want the introduction of the new world to be a happy and fun experience for all players, which means making some improvements based on what you experienced during the closed beta. So it will take a few more weeks to fix the bugs, improve the consistency and perfect the game. The new global release date for the new world is September 28, 2021. This is not an easy decision. We know this is not the first time we have changed our release date to pursue quality, and waiting a while can be frustrating. But we want to make sure we deliver the highest quality game possible in the beginning. Thank you for your support and feedback. We listen to you. See you at Eternam. ”

The New World, anticipated before August 31, 2021, boasted 200,000 contemporaries on Steam – a huge success. Finally, here is the Amazon MMORPG Closed Beta that we have tried and tested.

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