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Sweat stream, pressure builds up

Yute A key player in Stream-tearing For this reason the service is at the crossroads of owners around the world. They have decided to speed up their efforts and do everything possible to close the site.

Hacking has grown a lot over the decades. Originally reserved for the most experienced users and the most patient, it is now open to all, now it only takes a few clicks to detect and download illegal content on your computer.

Image by un-perfect from Pixabay

On the other hand, you approach things a little differently. This service is not really a torrent tracker, it does not provide a list of movies and series to be downloaded in DTL, now on ZT-ZA, which has now become a download zone again.

You were blocked in Brazil and Spain

This tool actually falls into the family of stream-ripping services, so Internet users can store services that convert digital stream into media locally on the computer.

The principle is relatively simple. Once in service, paste the address of the content you want to change into the only available field. After verification, the site will retrieve the content and display a tool panel.

This panel will allow you to select the registration format, but will also select meta information related to quality or content.

Therefore, on paper, Ut does not encourage its users to download copyrighted works. It arises like a converter. However, users do not share this opinion.

The owners were annoyed by the stream-tear

In May Of this year, Yud ended up on the blacklist of Brazilian ISPs and was later blocked nationwide. At least in theory, avoiding DNS blockade is not particularly difficult.

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Instead, many would have been thrown to pieces, but the service team did not. He has appointed a law firm to assert his rights. With the victory, the Brazilian criminal court ordered the lifting of the ban at the same time.

But now, the owners did not want to stop there, and then the site was blocked … in Spain. Yut asked his lawyers to investigate again, and then they learned that a vaccine had been given in Spanish territory … by people who specialize in stream-ripping to multiple sites. Again, the company wants to appeal, but the outcome of this complaint is uncertain, especially as the RIAA supports the claim filed in Spain.

This case is obviously important. If users are successful, Ut may have difficulty continuing its operation. Because if blocking DNS is not a problem at all, some internet users think to do it when faced with this situation.

And then in France?

So what about France? With enthusiasm and as we have learned A session in the National Assembly before summerStream-ripping is not considered piracy in French territory.

Emmanuel Vergen, Minister for Housing, explained when he represented Roslyn Bachelet:

“This procedure is legal and as a result the copy is provided by law if it meets a number of conditions, excluding private copying: it must be made from a legal source at the request of the user.”

Emmanuel Vergen – National Assembly

Therefore, making a local copy of the content hosted online by the stream-ripping service in France is not prohibited, at least on the condition that the latter have no copy and it will not break the DRM. Of course, the source from which the content is hosted must be legitimate.

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