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Miss Gallis' Samantha Cosplay is perfect in every detail - Nert 4.Life

Miss Gallis’ Samantha Cosplay is perfect in every detail – Nert 4.Life

The fades disappear quickly, but they often come on suddenly. In the last period, for example, “Samsung Girl“, Samantha, the unofficial virtual assistant of the Samsung Galaxy, is known. Therefore, the Gosplay world could not miss the opportunity to recreate that character, so it did. Miss Kallis. Here is his Cosplay in Samantha.

Samsung Girl is a development of Lightform Studios that is known for creating CGI images, videos, AR filters and VR applications. However, Samantha became, surpassing the success of every other product of the company Virus. Samsung has not yet commented on the design, but that will not stop people like Miss Salis from creating the Samsung Girl Gosplay. However, Cosplayer explains that he not only worked on the costume, wig and make-up, but also greatly modified the photo on the computer and resembles that character: you can see the result.

If you are a lover cosplay, Then you should not miss the alloy Gosplay of Shinkosplay: it was appreciated by Gorilla. Ellie Cosplay of Lycasacin is also very accurate. We recommend the Irine_meier Tifa cosplay: it’s incredible.

if you like Kensh’s impact For the Samsung girl, you have to look at Newkix’s Mona Cosplay: this is perfect. We also recommend Lisa Cosplay from Mizuho: This is perfect. Finally, how not to recommend Lisa’s Cosplay from Himahri: it’s high quality.

Tell me, what do you think about Samantha Gospel produced by Miss Kallis? Do you think the “Samsung Girl” is perfectly reproduced, or do you think you’ve seen the high quality Gosplay?

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