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After the QR l'Actu and QR discussion, a new baby is introduced in QR Sport!

After the QR l’Actu and QR discussion, a new baby is introduced in QR Sport!

During Euro 2020, RTPF has decided to introduce the new QR to give you the floor during this long awaited game competition!

Policy You Know… “QR” stands for “Questions / Answers” and “QR”. Code that viewers can use to vote directly through the OPINIO application.

Every evening at Le Club de L Euro, Benjamin Dனsin்க்k will ask you a few questions about the competition, the evening matches, the Red Demons or other fun themes … The chance to discuss it in the second part of the evening is refreshing!

In the warm lap, we invite you to download the application and take part in our first “vote” during this Sunday’s pre-match against Croatia. Questions are ready, expect more than your feedback!

Code QR:

Not yet in use? Scan the QR code directly or go to your Google Play Store or App store and download Opinio RTBF. Thousands of viewers are already using this intuitive app. We will be happy to take your advice into account during exciting discussions. You can participate in discussions and view content results from your computer or phone.

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