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Milan unloads Pioli Leo: Wolverhampton on pole, but not only | Football style

Milan unloads Pioli Leo: Wolverhampton on pole, but not only | Football style

Over the past few hours, Milan has been considering the sale of a young profile that does not particularly shine with the Rosoneri shirt. Some Premier League clubs are on him, but focus on an Italian team that will set their vision.

Milan, future Raphael Leo Of course not, the young striker’s reliance on rosonery seems more balanced now than ever before. The Portuguese are preparing to play the third season with a rosary shirt, but the skepticism about him is beyond certainty. A guy who needs to explode – there is a possibility – but whoever does not do so now, Milan will start to lose patience.

The technician is of the same opinion Stefano Pioli Last season, more than anything else, he tried to field the 1999 class as the best striker. There is no evolution in Liao’s play, and his age is always a boy, who, as a proverb, should eat grass whenever he is given the chance, if he wants to prove anything.

So, according to Rafael Liao, the doors Premier League With some clubs, Wolverhampton In the head, who wants to get their hands on it. This is the last English club he will ask for a meeting Pavlo Maldini Milan do not want to give a person less than that to better define the fate of the left 25 million euros.

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An Italian club by the window

But beware of the latest rumors coming from the Milan world that it will see an Italian club in the window for Leo. This would be accurate Naples of Luciano Spaletti Who wants to defend a winger, will look at Rosonery. At this point we can only define it as a flirtation, a study of neopolitans to understand whether this action can take a form or whether it is only an interest.

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Over the next few days, we will be able to update you on this exciting hypothesis, which could lead to other negotiations, such as the pairing of the suspect in the blue jersey. Badge.