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The games shown in the tests are micro SD.

The games shown in the tests are micro SD.

When Steam deck pre-orders are now open to any user At the Valve Client, players’ questions grow, many of whom are undecided about which model to buy due to different types of memory. However, there seems to be support Micro SD Works particularly well, according to one of the developers.

In fact, many asked Lawrence Yang |, The product designer of the Valve portable console, had problems with using games installed on the microSD, not in the fast memory included in the 256GB and 512GB models. The developer’s response was unexpected because Yang confirmed that all the games were shown Video preview of IGN (Control and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order above all) They are not installed on internal memory, but on microSD. Such a report may not fully satisfy users interested in discovering the differences in loading times between different memories, but it is enough to clarify how you can play without problems, even with little external support.

More details about the performance of games on the microSD are pending, we remind you of that Scholars have also begun to attack the steam deck.

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