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tv digitale terrestre

Digital landscape: All changes in mid-July

Changes in channels D.T.D. They continue as the switch off approaches the new DVD-P2 standard. Users have become accustomed to these constant changes with the addition or variation of the site’s channels.

In mid-July, the changes affect both i Regional Muxes Than that National And free satellite platform Divasat. In particular, the change affects MediaSet channels and networks Mux 1, Mux 2 and Mux 5. At the regional level, however, channel changes are of concern Mux Videobolzano Frequencies at Trentino Alto-Adijil 33 and March. Finally, two new channels are coming Divasat, Which already expands the site’s rich offer. To see all the changes, users are required Reboot your decoder Or rediscover channels on your smart TV.

Digital landscape: national changes

Let’s get started Changes across the country Digital landscape involving MediaSet Max. Instead of Sky Sport football, the Sky Sport Calcio HD channel is ranked 473rd on Max1 and Max5.

The Red 4’s Max 2 offers a new channel for the LCN 235 instead of the Rinpo, which takes the name of Channel 235.

Digital landscape: regional changes

A Regional status The changes affect the Trentino alto-adiz and marches.

The Trentino Alto-Adigil Max Video Polzano 33 was deliberately shut down, and the Video Polzano 33 channel was moved to 10th place for Ross Max 3 with the name VB33.

The Ross Max 3 and 4 channels have also been rearranged, so it is recommended that you reconsider to see the different changes that have been made. The Max 7 Gold March is set to be recalled after the channels were restructured.

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Digital landscape: New channels for living

News is also coming to the free satellite site Divasat, Which sees the arrival of two new channels.

Nuova TV Nazionale, ranked 813th on the platform, abbreviated NTN, which broadcasts on MPEG-4 at a resolution of 720 × 576 pixels.

The shared TV channel came in at 820 and again comes with a resolution of 720 × 576 pixels with the MPEG-4 transmission.