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Metahuman Creator's Unreal Engine Trailer, New Crazy Tool In Early Access - Live 4.Life

Metahuman Creator’s Unreal Engine Trailer, New Crazy Tool In Early Access – Live 4.Life

L ‘Unreal engine It is becoming an increasingly powerful and cross-cutting tool. The goal of Epic Games is, in fact, not only to create video games, but also to become a reference point towards other areas of cinema or multimedia. With the new trailer Metahuman Creator, Crazy Tool Unreal engine, takes a decisive step in this direction. This very powerful tool is, in fact, not the future, but it already exists, available in early access from today.

A This address You will see all the details. Since it is easy to guess from the video above, this is a new editor to recreate most human faces in a completely digital way.

So it looks like man Mark Zuckerberg Still alien. The amazing thing is the sheer simplicity with which all the details can be set. Then the Unreal engine does the rest, throwing ultra-realistic lights that give the skin more thickness and plasticity, as well as giving realism to the facial hair.

You can use this by asking for access Cloud-based application Thanks for creating your own meta-humans and reaching for the scary details, just like the Detroit models, although in this case they are direct scans of humans.

Once available to everyone, Metahuman Creator can be a truly exceptional pioneer for video games and cinema. Sony may have invested another $ 200 million in epic games.