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Optical Reader Makes Low Noise After Update For Various Reports -

Optical Reader Makes Low Noise After Update For Various Reports –

Gamers are never likely to find the digital version of the PS5, but the standard version PlayStation 5 T1 has been plagued by a minor problem since: if a disk is inserted into the optical drive, every hour the console – if explicitly operated – makes a reading, i.e., it rotates the disk Occurs more than audible noise. The PS5 is much quieter than the PS4, but the optical drive is annoying. Well, it looks like after today’s update Player noise is reduced.

Pushkour reported this information: The newspaper felt the change This was confirmed by a series of online birth discussions over the past few hours. So this is not just the intention of a few. It is not clear what has actually been done, but with the new update the optical drive of the PS5 makes less noise when the disk does regular reading every hour. We have no way of testing this on the first person at the time of writing this message, but we assume that the rotation speed is reduced to minimize vibrations and consequent noise.

PS5 Standard: Low noise from optical drive

This is not the only new “hidden” feature in the PS5 update: there are new power-up functions and many more. Don’t forget that the new PS5 and PS4 games are included in the offerings.

Finally, we would like to point out that the PS4 has also received a new firmware update: this is the 8.50 update, here is the news.