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Here are the new certificates to download to travel from this Tuesday

Here are the new certificates to download to travel from this Tuesday

Three new certificates are required to travel into the territory after 8pm this Monday, as night curfews have been enforced everywhere in France.

From this Tuesday, December 15th, no certification is required to travel around the area during the day. However, you will need to bring your own document Can travel during curfew orders from 8pm to 6am.

To be disregarded from this new curfew order, it is now necessary to justify: occupational reasons, compulsory family reasons, assistance to someone with a disability, health reasons, public welfare purpose or pet needs.

Exceptional travel certificate

The digital website has also been published on the government website. > Click here to download

Proof of professional and school travel

A “Proof of business trip“Evidence of school travel” for employers to provide employees with a document allowing them to travel during a curfew order for professional reasons, as well as parents taking their children to or from school.

home Minister Gerald Durman warned that the new curfew would be “strictly regulated.”. “I have asked the police to further strengthen the control system,” the home minister told a news conference. He warned at a news conference on Thursday that this would be “done tactfully and moderately, but with no means of happiness.”

Any culprit will be exposed A fine of 135 euros Later, the minister recalled that in the event of a double revival (three scams in total), he faces “6 months imprisonment and a fine of 3,750 euros”.

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