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Apple iPod Pro 2021: Test and Deartown

Apple iPod Pro 2021: Test and Deartown

On the fifth generation Pro tablets, innovations are under the hood, and the look is identical to the model from 2020 onwards. The iPod Pro is available with 11 inches and a one-time 12.9-inch screen diagonal. The integration of Thunderbolt and USB4 is new, both of which can be selected via the appropriate wired USB-C port. The touch screen with mini LED backlight is only available for 12.9 inch models. In Check of colleagues from Golem New screen and shows what the iPod Pro can do.

What can the new LCD touchscreen with mini LEDs do on the iPod Pro 12.9?

Before we dedicate ourselves to testing the new high-end tablet from Apple, let’s take a look inside. In Tears of the IFixit website On the iPod Pro 2021 you can see that Apple has installed a battery with 40.33 Wh instead of 36.71 Wh. Large battery capacity has no advantages in terms of battery life, but is essential for the new liquid Retina XDR display. Like the previous iPod Pro, repairing the tablet is relatively difficult and expensive. In total, more than 10,000 mini LEDs take care of the backlight of the LCD screen. The brightness for the HDR content should be increased to 1,000 cd / m ² or 1,600 cd / m மாறாக, but the ratio should be 1,000,000: 1, Apple promises.

The Golem test shows that black sizes are actually better than their predecessors because they ensure that a larger number of LEDs have higher lighting zones so that more areas are not separated, which means darker screen contents can be better illuminated compared to conventional LCD screens. Compared to OLED screens, the LCD display with mini-LED backlighting offers a higher level of brightness. However, our colleagues noticed the hollow on the new iPod Pro 12.9. Something always flashes from the backlight when displaying dark content on an LCD display with a mini LED backlight such as the use of notes in dark mode. This can be fixed by controlling the lighting zones with Apple’s update.

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Will Apple replace the M1 iPod Pro 2021 with a notebook?

Inside the two new iPad Pros, the Apple In-House ARM chipset installs the Apple M1. According to the Geekbench 5 benchmark, the iPod Pro scored 7,314 points in the 2021 Multi-Test. In relation to a keyboard docking station, the new iPod Pro can be considered an alternative to a notebook. However, it should be noted that the iPad 14.5 only allows for much less multitasking compared to MacOS or Windows. For example, it specifies exactly how many windows can be displayed on one screen at a time. In addition, users may repeatedly encounter the software-related limitations of the iPad, as this operating system offers fewer configuration options than MacOS or Windows.

The front camera of the new iPad Pro comes with 12 megapixels and new center stage functionality. The camera always keeps the iPod user in the picture, even while moving. However, according to Golem, the constant movements of the camera often annoy conversation partners when the iPod user makes small gestures. You can turn off the new function. Battery life is similar to the iPod Pro 2020 and ensures you can use it The 12.9-inch tablet will cost at least 1,200 euros Available throughout the day without any problems.

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Package for Apple iPod Pro 2021:

  • As iFixit shows in the tears of the iPod Pro 12.9, Apple has installed a battery with more capacity than its predecessors. However, this does not lead to longer battery life because the display with mini LEDs consumes more power.
  • The new LCD touch screen with mini LEDs offers more lighting zones, thus getting more brightness than the OLED screen, which may have visible haloes with darker content.
  • The internal Apple M1 chip ensures the performance of the iPod Pro. However, limitations caused by the iPadOS operating system may restrict its use as a notebook alternative.
  • The Apple iPad Pro 12.9 is priced at at least 1,200 euros.

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