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Long-awaited WhatsApp functionality: Messenger finally runs on multiple devices

Long-awaited WhatsApp functionality: Messenger finally runs on multiple devices

It has been known for some time that WhatsApp has planned a function that can use your account on different devices. So far, this is not possible, because when you register on the new device, you will be automatically signed in on the old device. New verification must be performed each time it is used on a different smartphone.

Until now, an account could only be used simultaneously via the “WhatsApp Web” application on PC and smartphone, but the main device must be connected to the Internet. But now the new WhatsApp beta version is about to change. How WABetaInfo This functionality is currently released in a trial version for all iOS and Android users.

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Using WhatsApp on multiple devices: This is how the new feature works

The screen shot shows what the multi-device menu looks like in beta.

Screenshot: WABetaInfo

In the navigation, there is a new tab called “Connected Devices” instead of “WhatsApp Web”. Here, users can see which devices are connected to their respective WhatsApp account and, if necessary, remove unwanted links. This means users can use the same WhatsApp account on all four devices, for example on their smartphone and tablet. However, there is currently a catch: multiple device functionality can only be used on a maximum of one smartphone. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

More info According to WhatsApp usage on many mobile devices, chat history must first be copied to the first second device, which will often only work with an existing WLAN connection due to the large amount of data. Once the transfer is complete, the messenger can be used on both devices. Important to know: New chat histories are then synced across both devices – so all conversations can be read on smartphones, tablets and more. If security notifications are enabled in Messenger, users will always be notified when a WhatsApp account is used on another device or when one device is removed.

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