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The trick to using WhatsApp without a phone

The trick to using WhatsApp without a phone

WhatsApp has entered our lives with arrogance and it is not known when it will come out. This is why it is worth embracing: Many of those who do not use smartphones prefer to use WhatsApp anyway. So interact with children, relatives and friends. But how do you use WhatsApp without a phone? Nothing is difficult.

Customer requests prompted the company (which is Facebook) to launch a beta version of WhatsApp with “multi-device” capability – i.e. multiple devices. Thanks to this particular function we can access WhatsApp with multiple devices: up to 4 smartphones at once. But tablets and computers.

When data is synchronized (hence both contacts and chat histories and photos) final encryption is available from the end, and this is one of the most important and appreciated steps of the new Facebook home.

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Surprisingly, everything works fine even if our phone is dead or disabled. WhatsApp can be used continuously from the rest of the devices. But there is a small problem: there will be some problems in using multiple devices as some experts have pointed out. In the absence of the first phone – whose number is linked to the WhatsApp account – others will be disconnected slowly and frequently.

In short, we can say that the beta version is on the right track to allow you to use WhatsApp without any help from any phone. But there are still some details that the company needs to solve technical and privacy issues. In fact, the question is: who guarantees the company and the IT system that we are the users of that account? Without a phone it is not easy.

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