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Long search for QR code

Long search for QR code

After unsuccessful attempts, I succeeded in obtaining evidence for an electronic COVID-19 vaccine with a QR code, for a close relative.

The challenge? Succeeding at finding the person who takes the time to solve the problem “” took me two months to get through.

I tell you …

From the first dose from my next of kin received on March 26th, an error occurred: incorrect information was recorded in the “The” system.

As a result, the person does not receive any confirmation of the scheduled date before receiving their first dose or second dose via electronic message (email or text message).

I called Riki DL Assurance Maladi. All the information collected in his register is correct, I am told. I was instructed to contact the Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISS) in his region.

At CISSS, I was told not to worry. Everything will return to normal soon.

Oh no! Weeks go by. I call them back. Nothing to do! There is no government confirmation.

So, it’s time to give Good a second dose.

We reached June 13th. Cow! Ha! The Registrar of Information noted an error in the initial file that opened the first file. With the help of a colleague, she corrects what is called wrong. And hop! The second dose is injected, as indicated in the “paper” evidence provided in the Quebec Vaccine Register.

Speaking to thousands of vaccinated people who did not receive electronic proof via email or text message, Health Minister Christian Dube announced that the portal for downloading the QR code of the vaccine source against Govt-19 is now available.

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I rush to the portal I said. I enter the requested information. Answer: “Your resource cannot be uploaded on the portal. This condition can occur if certain information does not match the Quebec Vaccine Register or the Quebec Health Insurance Register. Work is ongoing to make the electronic source of the vaccine available to all citizens, please try again in a few days. “

Please try again

As a good student, every day that follows, I try, I try, I try … Need!

On June 22, I called Minister Dube on Twitter: “What do we do when Minister Christian Dubey says the vaccine proof portal ‘can’t upload your source’, while all the information recorded in the vaccine register and RAMQ is correct? “

There was no response from him.

Stubbornly, I continued my efforts with CISS, the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSSS) and the agency responsible for the vaccine proof portal. The leader of the latter replied: “Search operations are in the MSSS registry, not under our control, so I will return your question to the MSSS Communications Department.”

In the meantime, I contacted myself to report the issue with the MSS press relationship managers. After 24 hours, there was no response. I am in touch with the Minister Dubai Press Secretary. After a few hours, the answer came: “If a person is unable to upload proof of vaccination on the self-service portal, they should call line 1 877 644-4545 for the necessary support. “

Saved by adjustment

Previously, I had already called this number. It gave nothing.

On Tuesday, I tried my luck again. I found a first assistant who, after my explanations, transferred me to the service he described as “repair”.

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After waiting an hour and a half in that queue, an assistant listened to my complaints, and about ten minutes later he prepared and sent the electronic vaccine proof with the QR code.

For thousands of vaccinated people who cannot download vaccine sources, I would like you to stumble upon this “pearl” of the QR code.