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"Logio Off and Unloaded, Let's Cancel Bologna"

“Logio Off and Unloaded, Let’s Cancel Bologna”

The derby effect disappeared in an instant. you are a fool Logio A Bologna, Frequently He doesn’t take it right. “We played a game without energy, we were from start to finish. We came undefeated from all angles, they played actively, we did not believe. We will soon forget this defeat.” The whole environment is usually tired when you are tired and the whole environment is exhausted after many games. You need a certain type of mindset to be in certain positions, but it is something we do not have and something we need to build. Speaking to a player in the locker room he told me that we have always been like this, we get seven wins in a row and then we make a point in four games. This is something we need to change. “

Wing: “Logio Off and Unloaded, Let’s Cancel Bologna”

Lewis and Milinkovic. The moment they are a part of it, they have to become total midfielders. They are players who only want to play ball and chain. It all depends on them, but they have the opportunity to do it all.

Rose. “There are some important issues with the strength of things, but it’s right to talk about them within headquarters. We know it’s a game in danger. If you play after a while, we should be ready anyway, instead we came to an equal.Today the team made no moves without the ball, we closed many places with a very passive attacking behavior.The difference with Naples? .

Lack of property. “His absence has nothing to do with this, maybe the same thing would have happened.

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Unripe discharge. “He replied nervously and unfortunately,” Sometimes when you keep your head higher in the clouds than on the field, you can happen to behave that way. Exodus is part of the game’s script.