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Jeff Bezos praises Amazon Games, "We won after many defeats" -

Jeff Bezos praises Amazon Games, “We won after many defeats” –

Jeff Bezos, The founder and chairman of Amazon, took to Twitter Congratulations to the Amazon Games team For starters New world, Is considered the first success after many failures.

New World Servers officially opened its doors on September 28th, having already registered more than a million players on its first day, a truly remarkable and unexpected result.

We succeeded after many setbacks and setbacks in gaming. I am very proud of the team’s resilience. See setbacks as barriers to learning. No matter what your goals are, never give upBezos’ words linked the two articles in a tweet to prove his point.

Breakaway and above all, after the defeats of Crucible, the New World was actually gained more than positively. It must be said that the success of an ambitious project like an MMORPG is evaluated in the long run. But if a good day starts in the morning, the new world starts with at least a good start in terms of sales.

However, on the other side of the coin, the unexpectedly large votes cast by the company made Amazon Games uncomfortable, crowded servers, long queues and developers forced to fight those who pretended not to go to AFK. To exit.

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