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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team now sells "anime" and mega-style items -

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team now sells “anime” and mega-style items –

Same as previous versions FIFA22 Players can customize their Ultimate Team Club by purchasing various sports games Cosmetic products, Uniforms and decorations for the stadium. However, this year EA seems ready to test something as different as the regular package Anime and mega style products Currently available for in-game purchase.

The The whole bundle of mirage It is a full body package that can be purchased for 135,000 FUT Coins or 1,500 FIFA Coins (worth about 15).Emerging aviator-engineer Mirai and his ancient Mecca Kago“, Says the description of the FIFA 22 internal store.

The pack, and its contents can be purchased separately, including uniforms for the home and outdoor team, badges, stage customizations, choirs, etc., but specializes in sculptural pitch and mega-style representing Meera. You can appreciate the items described in the gallery below.

What is obviously surprising is that this is the “anime” style theme chosen by EA for the FIFA 22 bundle, which differs greatly from what we have seen before. It obviously doesn’t seem to like all the players, At least from what you read on Reddit.

It is not excluded that EA Sports is experimenting with different styles for its interior store with the new version of its football title, all Fortnight has been a great success mixing very different types of skins and cosmetic components. Similarly, 343 Industries has tried a similar experiment with the Halo: Master Chief Collection in the past with the mythical theme, even at that time many users were upset, but there were many memes.

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FIFA 22 is currently available on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS4, PC, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch. To mark the launch of the game, Spotify has released a list of the most listened songs, artists and playlists in the FIFA series from 1997 to the present.