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Lilliput condemns racist crimes for taking a day off - Nert 4.Life

Lilliput condemns racist crimes for taking a day off – Nert 4.Life

La Streamer Traction, As well as a member of Offline TV, Lily ‘Lilliputian‘Ki rebuked some Racially motivated crimes She got it for taking a day off from streaming. The reason for the anger of its audience? Add to their list, the risk of rust drops disappearing.

Rust is the sport of the moment, that is, being fashionable these days among streamers and even though it has been available for many years. Offline TV server is very popular among those who are currently active because it is becoming popular.

On January 11th, Lilliput was no more Live stream. Some did not take it properly, accusing the audience of missing the drops, even though the woman had reduced the requirements for them: two hours of vision instead of four.

The offenses received are very serious, such as: “You Chinese shit (Actually Lilliput has a Korean look … but who knows what can be expected from some people). Go to your communist country.“Another user called her ‘garbage’ and told her one of these days” I will dance at her grave “.

Fortunately, Lilliput seems to have taken it well, and it’s ridiculous to consider those messages so humorous. Of course, seeing so much hatred on Rustin objects makes for a particular look.

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