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Libraries in the Digital Age – What to do in Paris?

The Paris Digital Library offers over 15,000 books to discover, enough to easily satisfy your reading desires! Good for Parents to Know: Paris Libraries also offer training.

Thousands of free books

The Paris Digital Library offers over 15,000 books and nearly 200 audio books for download. The service, which is free and accessible to all library subscribers with a valid credit card, allows remote borrowing by downloading digital books and audio books on a variety of media: tablets, e-readers, smartphones, computers,

Note: Digital library loan allocations have been increased here:

  • 6 loans per month
  • 4 simultaneous loans
  • 4 bookings

What is a digital book?

Lightweight, handy, it takes the shape of a tablet (see main photo) and has the dimensions of a paperback that fits in a handbag just like a jacket’s pocket. With its 4 gigabytes, it is a library. It is available in all situations and can move from one digital medium to another.

Light reading

The digital book is a text file. First files and sometimes more PDF files. This format had the advantage of being used worldwide, but had one drawback: once the dimensions of a text were adjusted, they could not be changed according to the reading medium. These media proliferated: Reading on the computer, OK, but if you move to a smartphone or tablet without being able to change the font size, the digital book will not be readable.

This is how EPUB, a format designed in the sense of free software, was created: text size is not provided once and for all, but can be changed at the press of a button or with a finger swipe. The reader can choose fonts and the number of pages of their choice, and the text is rearranged in the blink of an eye. So you can start reading a novel on a smartphone and finish it on a tablet without losing any reading quality.

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A rich list that is constantly enriched

The digital library contains over 15,000 books, mostly novels, essays and comics. These are mainly editorial innovations in French-speaking literature, foreign literature or genre literature (detective, SF).

In addition to the editorial offer for a limited time loan, the digital library provides access to the “public domain” list Feeding books. You can find a list of over 1200 free downloadable topics from the Digital Library. These are non-copyrighted works, i.e. works that fell into the public domain (mostly 19th and 20th century works). Unlike credit books, they can be downloaded from feedbooks indefinitely and without reservation.


If the book you want is not available in the digital library, look it up Lending Library Schedule ! Find out All digital media here You can find the content download.

Articles, comics, novels, we guide you!

12 Best Free Tests

Between e-books, audio books, concerts and documentaries, Persian biblicals always offer more online content (certified quality, it goes without saying). Here are 12 attractive articles to download from, with your card, of course Rules Rules!


Released on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Download 10 Comics

Comic book fan, do you crave and need the amount of comic book stories? Do not panic, Persian libraries are for you. In addition to the order pick-up system, the municipal network offers hundreds of albums to read in ebook format. 10 nuggets to download at home here, and enjoy for free.

Libraries and training

Homework support

Coupe 2 bows“The civic service in libraries is a free home care support service for elementary and middle school students run by volunteers.

This service allows students to better integrate work and leisure time into a dedicated time in the library. Changing games, exploring the library and school work allows them to change their pace and get an algorithm.

Online training

From French to English, from Mathematics to Philosophy, from Physics to History, this online tutorial offers a whole series of CB-to-terminal and PAC pro, video lessons, interactive exercises and quizzes and multimedia tools (dictionaries, revised anniversaries, artificial revision planning or vacation E-notebook …)

All courses offered are in line with national curricula.

All libraries in Paris are free to access, and you must access them Log in to your account Reader.


Numok, Digital Library Festival

Gamer, Producer Culture, Virtual Reality, Digital Workshops, Art Installations, 3D Printing, Mini-Fab Lab, Robots, Video Games, Artificial Intelligence … , Gives you an appointment every two weeks to share.

The digital experiences offered in libraries are plentiful and free! Discover them or extend and discover the activities of the festival The entire digital agenda of the network,

Whatever your profile: virtual reality, producer culture, gaming training, enrichment of the commons or looking for a start, everyone will be Numok.