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Windows Security Gap: More than five million PCs in Germany

Windows Security Gap: More than five million PCs in Germany

Officials, companies and private users are using the Windows 7 PC operating system, which was discontinued a year ago, and by and large, the software now has huge security holes.

About 8.3 percent of all Windows systems in Germany run with outdated software, according to current estimates from analytics firm StatCounter. That’s about four million computers. Along with the insecure Windows versions of Vista, XP and 8 still in use, it adds 5.2 million devices that urgently need to change its operating systems.

One year ago (January 14, 2020) Microsoft offered free updates Windows 7 Set. However, companies and organizations have the opportunity to purchase a support extension from Microsoft. The state of Berlin, among others, took advantage of this and spent “six more points” in 2020. Federal Capital wants to complete the final transition for Windows 10 this year.

Private users will not be able to subscribe to Microsoft’s additional support and will go without updates. Worldwide, Windows 7 is still used on 18 percent of Windows computers. StatCounter uses tracking code on more than two million websites to determine which operating system is being used by users.

Thomas Uhleman, a security expert at security software company ESET, dpa, said many users underestimate the security risk of an outdated version of Windows. Weak is a weak point enough, computers are open like a warehouse door Cyber ​​criminals. “This behavior is negligible.” Information about known security vulnerabilities is spreading rapidly in underground forums and is being used for a variety of attack scenes. “

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