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LeafX Clean: A bulb connected to HEV light to disinfect your home

LeafX Clean: A bulb connected to HEV light to disinfect your home

Since the Covit-19 crisis, many device manufacturers have developed solutions to reduce or eliminate home-grown bacteria and viruses. Peko was with his microwave at the time Amibot with its pure laser robot vacuum. Riding this course is now Leafs’ method, but rather than using ultraviolet rays, especially as Philips Hue does, Leafs has chosen to use a blue light called HEV (high visible energy).

Lifx Clean is a bulb connected with WiFi (with E27 base) that does not need to build a connecting bridge. This bulb is capable of transmitting both white light (hot and cold) and works with HEV light which is part of the blue light in the light spectrum.

This area, between 380 and 500 nm, provides the most powerful light, and in the most visible area, it is the most dazzling. This will allow him in theory “To remove germs and bacteria from house surfaces and materials”. According to Leifs, a clean bulb will kill 90% of germs on the surface depending on the distance and time spent. Clean cycle programming functionality should be logical “Allow bulb to clean parts automatically to remove bacteria”.

As its manufacturer specifies, the LifX Clean can be used as an attached bulb from the manufacturer. You can configure light scenes and atmospheres using color palettes. . Launched at 79.99, Lifx is compatible with Klein Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Home Kit.