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Un cappuccino con Sconcerti: Mourinho, sai con quale formazione la Roma un anno fa vinse in Svizzera?

A cappuccino with Sconceretti: Mourinho, do you know which organization Roma won in Switzerland a year ago? | First page

Mourinho to justify a terrible defeat (In the picture, Ansa) Unloads and removes half the boardHe humiliates her in an almost spectacular way. There is no better way to react. What will the club do tomorrow if two players say Mourinho is a bad coach and do not know how to coach them? He would hunt them down for a few weeks, maybe always.

Mourinho did the same thing with his half-players. If he’s right, one has to wonder where he was when the team was built. But there is another reason for the confusion: if half of the team is not at the level of the other, why put it all together on the pitch? You can’t send a whole reserve team to a match and then you can’t even say they are in short supply. You select them, train them, and represent them. Their color is yours. Is Mourinho sure that this is the way to break the boundaries?

Ask “Mourinho, do you know which organization Roma won in Switzerland a year ago?” In the speaker.

One year ago, on October 22, Roma played against young boys in Zurich: Creation: Fazio, Kumbulla, Juan Jesus; Carlstarp, Villar, Kristent, Bruno Perez; Carlos Perez, Mayor of Borja, Petro. A group similar to Bodo’s opinion. He won by one to two. And he came home with only one locker room, not two.

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