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Mourinho fades and unloads half of Rome

Mourinho fades and unloads half of Rome

Editorial He had never experienced such humiliation before. Jose Mourinho, Never scored six goals in a single game in his career A river in flood. Special with calm tones though Throw atomic bombs at the end of the match.

Portuguese coach Download half of the team indefinitely, Publicly indicating that it is inferior Photo / Klimt, A group known to very few came here before the convention Roma.

Mourinho’s words Very hard feet. The technician thinks yes Responsibility 6 to 1, but must be his fault Sent such a poor eleven to the field Take away even six of the Norwegians who look like the best version of Bayern Munich tonight.

It was no longer a message between the lines, but a real telegram delivered James Pinto (Who spent pre-match words that were completely different than Mou’s words) and i Friedkin. What is happening now? How will the property and locker room respond to such statements? The Communication selection Will di Mou prove to be a winner?

Be There was an indelible shame, Maybe The most disgraceful in our history. This is because taking six Champions League goals from Bayern Munich or Manchester United, and the other, doing it in a very casual conference league against a team of complete strangers. The The show was indecent, And even a win against Napoli would not be enough to cancel Shameless idiot Made in Norway. – A. Fiorini

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