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Lawnchair 12 Alpa comes with support for Android 12

He was the initiator Grass chair12 Although officially announced and not yet ready for public release, the Launcher3-based Alpha Built has a completely new look and feel and many features of the previous Lawnchair 11 version, but most importantly has support Android 12.

Lawnchair offers a Pixel Launcher-like experience, but with a few additional features helped make it a more popular option Smartphone Android.

Lawnchair 12 Alpa supports Android 12 Con material

One of the greatest innovations of Lawnchair 12 Alpha is the support for the material you design. Google, Which is very exclusive as there are still some third party applications to support this launcher.

As you can see from the pictures, the app drawer, folders, pop-ups and all have got the new look of Android 12. Lawnchair can extract the dominant color from the background and use it in the user interface, and it works on Android. 8.1 and later versions.

The Initiator To change its label or hide the apps icon from the app drawer, you can set the keyboard to open the first end by pressing it for a long time and pressing Enter. Wardrobe.

Those who want to try Lawnchair 12, if they are not ready to run the alpha version, can install it with the latest public version.

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