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macOS Monterey is available, here are all its new features

macOS Monterey is available, here are all its new features

New version of MacOS available! Is your Mac compatible? How to install it? After all, what are its innovations?

That’s all. After several months of beta from the presentation of MacOS Montessori during the WWDC in June, Apple released the final version of the new Mac operating system.

To install it, go to your Mac’s computer preferences. Then go inside “Software Update”, Wait until your page is updated. When using MacOS Monterey on your computer, follow the instructions on this page. Your computer will restart and then you can access all the new features of Apple’s new operating system for Mac.

Also, before starting this process, make sure that your Mac is compatible with this new version of Apple’s operating system. To check your model, click on the apple in the upper left “About This Mac”. The OS is available on the following systems:

  • MacBook (12 inches): Since the beginning of 2016
  • MacBook Air: Since the beginning of 2015
  • MacBook Pro: Since the beginning of 2015
  • iMac: Since the end of 2015
  • Mac Mini: Since late 2014
  • Mac Pro: Since late 2013
  • iMac Pro


One of the key new features of MacOS Monterey is the new version of Safari. The browser provides a completely edited address bar. Tabs now accept the color of the site being displayed. On top of that Geek’s Journal, For example, the tab should be in its characteristic color so you can easily find your page. This new presentation, called “Compact”, can be used to bring back tabs under the address bar and deactivate them with a “separate” display.

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Credit: Apple

Also, there are tab groups, which, as their name implies, allow multiple tabs to be grouped together so you can’t miss them. It’s more or less like a kind of folder that reorganizes the tabs you have slipped.


Like on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, Mac offers new concentration methods. It is an extension of the hassle-free mode, allowing you to create profiled profiles and filter your notifications according to your activity: work, leisure, time for you …

This status is synced with your other Apple devices just as it is shown to your contacts in your iMessage conversations.


Apple’s video conferencing system is developed with macOS Monterey. Its great novelty is that it escapes from Mac packages and is exported to other media! So, users on Windows or Android can be invited to join the FaceTime dialog via an accessible link from the browser.

We’ve discovered other new features in FaceTime with iOS / iPadOS 15, such as voice isolation mode, which effectively removes parasitic sounds and allows you to listen to your speaker or “broad spectrum”. . The option to blur your background is available with macOS Monterey, but only for Mac users with SoC M1, M1 Pro or M1 Max.

Credit: Apple


How often do you use your Mac as an outdoor display? That’s good, because with MacOS Monterey your computer takes a new step. If you can already stream your Mac’s screen to an external display via AirPlay, the computer screen will become a receiver for other devices. Definitely, content that is streamed on your iPhone or iPod can be displayed directly on your Mac’s screen.

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However, this option is not available on all Macs. This will require at least the 2018 MacBook Pro or Air, 2019 iMac, 2020 Mac Mini, 2019 Mac Pro or iMac Pro.

Text in the picture

Accepts Mac Text in Picture functionality, as it does on iPhone and iPod. Definitely, you can copy / paste text from an image. By hovering your cursor over the text in an image, you can select it as if it were a simple text block.

Universal control

During MacOS Monterey’s presentation on WWDC 2021, we were fascinated by one feature: Universal Control. The idea is that you can move your mouse between its different devices. For example, if you have an iPad on the right side of your MacBook, you need to drag the pointer to the right to make it appear on the tablet.

The most interesting thing is that this function can work on many devices. During the conference, Apple presented the iPad, MacBook and the latest in particular iMac 24 Adjacent, before moving the cursor between these three devices, and drag the files from the iPad to the iMac via the MacBook!

Credit: Apple

Issue: Universal control is not immediately available when MacOS Monterey is launched. Will have to wait a few more weeks for his cursor to move between Mac and iPad.

In addition to these new features, there are some welcome additions, such as the arrival of the Quick Reference function, which allows you to easily create a note by sliding the cursor in the lower right corner of the screen. .

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Credit: Apple