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Manila "kills" Sophie Kotkoni to protect Nazareth / Solai

Manila “kills” Sophie Kotkoni to protect Nazareth / Solai

Manila Nazaro defends Solail Sorge

After the last episode Big brother V.P., Manila Nazaro Behavior was severely criticized Sophie Cotconi, Offender offended Solail arises. It all startedRemoving Raffaella Figo, Which has created new controversies and conflicts in the church. Solail, who did not bond much with Rafaela, was delighted when his dismissal was announced. “What a Viper, it was a harp on Rafa’s releaseSophie said after the live broadcast. The words of the former Tronista Men and women Nazareth does not like Manila: “At first he says he respects her as a woman and even said yesterday that he is a harp like everything else. I mean no, I don’t like it. Is it because? Is it because you were glad Rafaella left? But it’s a way of soliloquy“He took the protection of those who were influential.

Conflict between Manila Nazaro and Sophie Kotkoni

Let go of initial anger, Manila Nazaro Wanted to clarify with Sophie Cotconi What has happened in the last few hours. Former Miss Italy Rafaella recalls what happened in previous weeks with Figo, and said she was disappointed to have passed on a fake person when she was named Mario Bolotelli’s ex. He finally wanted to let Sophie know that he did not share the attitude he took in the last episode Big brother V.P..

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According to Nassaro, in fact, Sophie was a bit exaggerated during the discussion with him Solail arises In the superlative: “I had a hard time recognizing you yesterday. He added: “Do you know what is wrong? Not thinking, accusations, behaviorKotkoni explained that he had used the word “harm” because Solay had also used it against him.

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