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A real thank you to the port created by GTA Vice City fans for the Nintendo Switch

A real thank you to the port created by GTA Vice City fans for the Nintendo Switch

This is not official, but the port of the classic Grand Theft Auto PS2 is fully functional on the hybrid console

Rumors surrounding the plans Rock Star They are plentiful. The only thing that is confirmed is that they work An updated version of the GTAV, This is the version of the game that existed two generations ago, which will come with some more upgrades in the PS5 and Xbox series. But there are a thousand rumors every week GTA6 They are often absurd or very logical, but at other times They are very interesting. But today I am not talking about the future of the company, but about its past: GTA sub-city.

In fact, it was said recently Rock Star To do Remmasters of their best games, But it is something that is widespread and stuck in the air. But the fans are for it! In fact, they released not a remaster, but a port GTA sub-city Unofficial, but not for any console: Pour the Nintendo Switch.

GTA Vice City on the Nintendo Switch is here

There was the portal WCCFTech Collected that some fans wore classics Grand Theft Auto Download and install Nintendo Switch on PS2’s. Logically, I need to modify the hybrid to install this type of outdoor games, I will not give any information on how to do it or how to download it, however if you search a little on the internet there is a quick way for you to do so. In This video You can see how it works GTA Vice City Sur Nintendo Switch.

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You know, one day these ports may disappear from the Internet because they are being removed due to copyright claims. In fact, this is not the first time this has happened, and at the moment this port seems to be there GTA sub-city Still intact. Do you think so Rock Star The official remasters of those games need to be released or they will focus GTA6?