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ITourTranslator can translate phone calls and WhatsApp calls (Photo: Business Wire)

ITourTranslator can translate videos, phone calls, WhatsApp voice calls and conferences in real time.

Language barrier has always been a big issue for people who speak different languages. The ITourTranslator application has developed several features to solve this problem. It can translate videos in real time. When you watch a video-like video from YouTube, you can use ITourTranslator to translate it, and get simultaneous translation into your computer as bilingual texts. Many users use the opportunity to translate Zoom or Microsoft groups. This can be very helpful.

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ITourTranslator can translate phone calls and WhatsApp calls (Photo: Commercial Wire)

You can use ITourTranslator to make calls. The caller only needs to know the recipient’s phone number, whose phone can be a mobile phone or landline, and the recipient does not need to download the app, they just need to pick up the phone and answer them. When the caller speaks French, the recipient will hear English, and when the recipient answers in English, it will be translated into French. ITourTranslator supports dozens of languages ​​including English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Portuguese, Catalan and Thai. Watch the video at the link below to watch the demo.

People can use ITourTranslator to translate voice call or video call from WhatsApp. The caller sends the link to his friend on social sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram or WeChat. When the recipient clicks on the link in WhatsApp, a voice call or video call can be made and the call will be translated in real time. The recipient does not need to download or register the ITourTranslator, it is very simple.

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People can use the ITourTranslator to organize a conference, and the voice will be translated in real time during the meeting. The function of the conference on ITourTranslator is similar to zooming. You may have the opportunity to organize a multi-party video conference that supports screen sharing, chat and other functions.

Now people in many countries around the world use this app, where you can meet people from different countries, chat with them and make friends. When chatting, you can use different languages ​​as there is an automatic translation. If you want to improve your English, this is a great way to chat with people from different countries.