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112 thousand seats for alternatives and utensils, tables

They are available to teachers for the next school year Over 112 thousand seats To replace and enter the character.

It is estimated based on this Motion data 2021/2022 Professors Published by MIUR. The number of seats may be subject to change based on the approved allocation for entering the teaching role as 2021/2022.

Here is all the information about temporary teaching staff and places where permanent appointments are available Tables in download pdf.

Teaching Staff Posts and Role 2021/2022

MIUR, in fact, has announced it You hesitate Of Process Teacher movement for the next school year. The union Flc CGIL was calculated based on data provided by the Ministry Overall available Teacher recruitment and annual replacements for teachers, divided by i Different orders and standards School. There are more than 112 thousand places. In particular, according to the detailed calculation, they are fine 112.691, From which 81.940 Its Common places e 30.751 On top of that Support. However, to confirm these numbers, it is necessary to wait for the release of the approved quota to enter the role of teaching staff, accordingly There may be differences.

Available locations and tables

Here, in detail, are the seats Available for replacements and combinations in the role of teachers as 2021/2022, separated by order and quality, with relatives Download Tables:

  • creche or play school – 5,940 posts, of which 4,297 municipalities and 1,643 support posts. Download Table (Pdf 684Kb);

  • Elementary school – 23,538 seats, of which 13,259 municipalities and 10,279 support. Download Table (Pdf 688Kb);

  • First Class High School – 38,884 posts, of which 26,967 municipalities and 11,917 support. Download Table (PDF 976 KB);

  • Second Class High School – 44,329 posts, of which 37,417 municipalities and 6,912 support. Download the table (Pdf 2Mb).
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Information and updates

2021/2022 We will let you know in the teacher recruitment and news. In our section dedicated to school, you can read all the insights by visiting our page dedicated to teaching staff.

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