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Version 2.0 release date, trailer reveals all details -

Version 2.0 release date, trailer reveals all details –

Developer and publisher miHoYo has released all the details Version 2.0 of Kensh’s impactIncluding Exit date: July 21, 2021. Massive update called “Immovable God and Eternal Euthymia” and takes soldiers to a new region: Inazuma. This is a vast area dominated by the Electro Arch, which has a completely different fauna and autonomous culture from the rest.

Introducing the update function Cross-save Between PC, PS4, PS5, Android and iOS versions. So after installing it, you can start playing on one platform and continue from one place to another where you left off.

Also published a New trailer, You can find it in the headline of the news showing part of Inasuma.

Among other innovations introduced by version 2.0 of Jenshi’s Impact, there will be Three new executable characters, Belongs to the new area: the most acclaimed five-star comedian Ayaka in the beta test phase, strong and elegant women; Yomiya, also known as the Queen of the Summer Festival, is another five-star character, pyro archer, who specializes in crackers; Chayu, 4-star Ninja Anemo Vision and two-handed sword. Introduced new employers pyro hypostasis, permanent mechanical sequence.

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