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Italy Domini: A portal dedicated to PNRR is online

Italy Domini: A portal dedicated to PNRR is online

MEF announces that it is dedicated to the official portalL National Recovery and Recession Program, PNRR.

Italy Tomorrow, the contents of the site

Italia Domini, is its portal National Recovery and Recession Program (PNRR) It fits into the program Next generation EU (NGEU), 750 billion euros agreed by the European Union in response to the epidemic crisis, half of which is subsidies.

We remind you that the key component of the NGEU program is recovery and regression device (Recovery and regression facility, RRF), That:

  • Has a six-year term from 2021 to 2026,
  • And a total of 2 672.5 billion (312.5 subsidies, the remaining 360 billion loans at subsidized prices).

Italy integrates PNRR with National Plan for Complementary Investments, with additional resources 30.6 billion.

Portal Italy tomorrow Allows you to consider the progress and cost of each investment so that citizens can check and track information related to project implementation.

There are various sections on the portal, which can be consulted from the menu above

Also, the full text of the project can be downloaded from the portal, and with many in-depth documents, it will be useful to understand the individual sections of the enactment, and therefore all interventions aimed at the development of the country’s economy.

Download the program here

In each category, in addition to the total resources allocated to that category, details of interventions are reported.

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1) Italy Tomorrow: “Cross Priorities”

By accessing the section “Cross priorities“, You can browse the key actions that make an impact:

  • On the youth, the activities of each mission that supports the opportunities for the future of the youth
  • In order to ensure the same economic and social opportunities between men and women through gender equality, reforms, education and investment from a gender-dominated perspective.
  • Improving the ability of the South to reduce regional gaps, reduce citizenship gaps and strengthen local community services in support of the disabled and the elderly.

Click here to access Italy tomorrow:

2) Italy Tomorrow: “Tasks”

section “TasksExplains the key interventions divided into 6 tasks that make up the PNRR.

Click on each mission to access the portal and measurement details directly.

In particular:

  1. Task 1: Digitalization, innovation, competitiveness, culture and tourism
  2. Task 2: Green Revolution and environmental change
  3. Task 3: Infrastructure for sustainable operation
  4. Task 4: Education and research
  5. Task 5: Addition and integration
  6. Task 6: Hello

3) Italy tomorrow: “Reforms”

section “ReformsIt describes the content, goals and timelines planned for the reforms.

Reforms are an integral part of the plan because they are fundamental to the implementation of interventions.

Are provided Three types of reforms:

  1. Horizontal reforms are at the crossroads of all the tasks of the project and improve the balance, efficiency, competitiveness and economic environment of the country.
  2. Functional interventions are to guarantee the implementation of the plan, to promote competition, to simplify the law, to rationalize and to improve competitiveness.
  3. Sectoral reforms come with investments in individual tasks that are regulatory innovations to introduce more efficient regulatory and practical regimes in their respective sectors.

4) Italy Tomorrow: “Investments”

To section Investments The more than 150 investment plans in the program can track the progress of each activity, benefits to citizens, activities and deadlines, and the amount established each year.

5) Italy Tomorrow: “Resources”

The European Union has set aside 191.5 billion euros Thanks to RRF (Recovery and Recession Facility) grants and loans to the Italian PNRR, funds dedicated to tackling the effects of the epidemic.

Italy is consolidating the amount, ensuring a firm commitment to restart 30.6 billion euros Through the complementary program, the bulk is directly funded by the state 222.1 billion

Interventions of the National Program for Complementary Investments are funded in these sources.

All planned interventions will be carried out Within 5 years

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