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SpaceX: Elon Musk Talks About Super Heavy Booster 4 Completion "Capture" System

SpaceX: Elon Musk Talks About Super Heavy Booster 4 Completion “Capture” System

This morning We have written Installation of 29 Raptor motorbikes At the base Booster4 From Super Heavy, The rocket that is part of the system Star Ship From SpaceX. They completed work during the day in Boca Chicago, and now the large rocket (70 meters high) is being moved from the assembly area to the test and launch pad (Starbase).

We still do not know what the next stages are and what the time will be. Of course about the whole process “Hanging” The FAA’s decision in this regardEnvironmental study It is necessary to allow the company to proceed Orbital release test. These hours are always the same Elon Musk He also talked about the system “Capture” The rocket gives some clues in the re-entry stages.

SpaceX moves to Super Heavy Booster 4 test zone

New Super Heavy Booster 4 Rocket After booster 1 is used it should actually take off “Take action” During the construction phase, Booster 2.1 was not significantly completed. With Booster 3 Instead we looked first Constant fire But with these types of vectors “Only” Three Raptor engines. Now it has up to Booster 4, which additionally includes a collection of 29 first generation Raptor engines Grid paddles (Folds to change the descent of the path of the rocket) Above.

As for flight tests Star Ship (Now only called ship) SpaceX Will be used to gather useful data for making multiple attempts and first process upgrades. So not all stages are expected to be completed and it may take a few months for a system to function with a good degree of reliability.

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However, the most exciting point is yet to come. With Boot tower From a height of 142 meters for the main structure, it is now necessary to understand how the system works “Capture” Of Super heavy rocket On the way back. Gave a little clue anyway Elon Musk In response The unofficial video is visible below.

Two structures that can be expanded from the launch tower “Capture” The Super heavy rocket Who will return from the release. So it will not be anymore Droneship Will happen to the Falcon 9 (but there will be some modified floating sites starting next year). Two clutch mounts are movable to accommodate the rocket landing position (referred to as musk oriental food chopsticks).

The Rocket If the capture is not successful, it will be dropped on the side of the missile tower Super Heavy It does not hit the structures. At that time the rocket will be sent back to the launch site and ready to go to a new mission within an hour. Does it work? We do not know and we will only find out in the coming months. Definitely have to wait a long time to see this type of activity Elon Musk, By both SpaceX But from the competition.