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None of the real wireless ear headphones tested (1): Not surprising, but not without curiosity

None of the real wireless ear headphones tested (1): Not surprising, but not without curiosity

Unfortunately we were not able to provide you with our usual level of isolation as the headphone balance sensors disable active noise reduction and our transparency mode in our mannequin rig. This will not prevent us from sharing our analysis of ear (1) performance, without revolutionizing the small world of headphones Real wireless, Some direct competitors need not be ashamed.

At its best, the active noise reduction of the ear (1) actually does a good job of eliminating the most intense ambient noise, providing a distraction of about 20 dB from bass to low-midrange. The roar of the engines, the noise of the airflow and a good portion of the rolling noise are thus strongly destroyed. However, the active noise reduction action begins to find its limits on the boundary between the lower middle and the middle, and this is especially well felt in the larynx: they sound more distant and more “thin” – this is what happens. RBA deficiency of low-midrange creates fundamental frequencies of voice — but we can still distinguish between nearby debates and public announcements, and we can even identify their brand.

These are appropriately obscured by any music content, but it is clear that these headphones cannot put us in a real sound bubble because they can provide better models. The lack of backup in the middle is felt in some “metallic” sounds or clicking on nearby keyboards, the effect of which again becomes apparent when the headphones do not transmit any sound content.

The “transparent” mode is best suited for conducting a conversation or listening to a voice alert. On the other hand, due to its lack of naturalness, it is better to remove the headphones from the urban environment (potential hazards of nearby vehicles, for example, from behind) by sensing the sources of various natural noises. Especially).

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