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It would not have happened with so much freshness - in tempo

It would not have happened with so much freshness – in tempo

The governments of Giuseppe Conte and Mario Draghi are responsible for the disaster of the Stresa-Motoron cable car. The statement came from Nicola Mora, head of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission, which interviewed Sky: “Perhaps the tragedy would have been avoided with more freshness. This and our country with past governments has provided important support. Infps data speaks to more than 2 billion and more than 700 million layoffs and have come to companies whose turnover has not fallen during many epidemics. Perhaps if this operator had had a rejuvenation of a different nature, if he had had rejuvenations with a significant decrease in revenue, perhaps we would have had 14 fewer deaths. “

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“I wonder – Motra goes to the Piedmontese Cableway – what kind of control procedures those who hand over such a sophisticated system to individual human personnel. This operator in charge would have taken the most drastic action to obtain the receipts.”

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“I was in the last government, but I was often attacked by the majority – including Mora. – I was expelled from the parliamentary committee. I understand that I was not expelled from the movement. Mine is a paradoxical situation. No one has found parties, we do not want to do that, Senator Lessey, and I have to represent those values. We feel obligated, for which the political force we have pursued has attracted its Raison d’Dre: stability, restrictions, public spending, legitimacy. The need for these values ​​is growing. I am tired of praising leaders, and everyone must accept their responsibility to respect the environmental law, the procurement code, the circle. We have a vision of the potential to increase the weight of the economy in the next steps.We have no desire to promote leadership, if we can save ourselves we can all work together. We do ”. The heavy words of the chairman of the Parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission.

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