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Aloy returns to show himself in a new and exciting sports video

Aloy returns to show himself in a new and exciting sports video

After entertaining us in a series Images associated with the Horizon Forbidden West map in the countdown to the last state game, The Sony event has finally allowed us to see the game of the new PlayStation exclusive.

The live video is shown live Captured from PS version5, was able to first see the vast map behind the new adventure of Aloy, the young warrior helping the seriously wounded man at the beginning of the video. Soon we will see first Sequence linked to study In which the protagonist runs one or two Robot dinosaurs Led by humans. Thus begins a very frantic fight, during which the escape stages alternate with others, in which Alloy tries to attack the enemy’s weak points, although he is very resistant. The woman drowns while fleeing the creatures, how can we admire her? Beautiful sea. As she emerges, Alloy confronts the other enemies who are holding a man captive, one of their ranks Big mammoth-robot, Frightens the protagonist, whose presence is not noticed and decides to stay on the tall grass. This is how we see something Stealth game level, The enemies from the robot creatures that protect them are first stolen and then finished with bows and arrows. During the fight, Aloy also plays a powerful electric attack that he hangs with his staff, the result of which stuns an opponent armed with a hammer, knocking him down when he is unprotected. After all these actions, it’s time to ride one of the robot dinosaurs, in which Alloy faces a dangerous uncle.

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In short, during the long video you can appreciate the different elements of the game, some of which are unpublished (like the use of Glider), while others recreate the dynamics already seen in the first episode, but slightly revisited.

Before we leave you to the movie, we remind you that the game will be cross-gen and as a result it will come Exclusively on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5.