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It is enough to shift responsibility to workers and citizens

It is enough to shift responsibility to workers and citizens

Draft – 11 July 2021

“Instead of glorifying me for this unworthy situation in the city of Rome, we bear witness bitterly after the barrel evacuation between the region of Cambidoglio and Lazio, led by Grillina and P.D., Quinta Rocky. He enjoys and first visits the citizens by taking a plot against the mayor. , Now assigns all responsibility to the traffic police and AMA investigating agents, the culprit who did not oversee the dumping of waste.

This was announced by Francesco Figliomeni, adviser to the Italian brothers and vice-president of the Capitoline Assembly.

“We are stigmatizing – continues Figueroa – in the words of Commissioner Giantoni: The first responsibility for this devastation with the delegation was based on the lack of political vision on the issue, which led to the stalemate we are experiencing. The Romans did not want to keep it inside.The Romans, by this eleventh waste crisis, could see how to manage such a complex city, and the skills and programming skills needed, not just propaganda.The five-star movement made promises in vain at elections and at sea and in the mountains, but also by their ineffective promises of drowning Arrogance also won the elections and now, in the short time since the disappearance, the Rohingya administration is trying to implement all effective measures to prevent this event. , But stop unleashing their disability on the workers who are experiencing this catastrophe along with the citizens. “

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