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WhatsApp works on the snapshot function of self-destruct photos

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Applications » WhatsApp works on the snapshot function of self-destruct photos

WhatsApp works on some new features inspired by Snapshot. It should be possible to immediately send images that will destroy themselves in the future. However, even with Snapshot, they did not find a common protection from unnecessarily protecting such records. It is questionable to what extent such functions would be effective.

WhatsApp is active in implementing new functions. In the future, Messenger will offer a feature that users already know in a similar format from Snapshot Current betas From WhatsApp for Android and iOS. Here, users can send self-destructive media. These will be removed after the first view. However, this does not guarantee that the recipient will not make a copy.

WhatsApp does not show whether a screenshot is being taken, which could drag the sender into a false sense of security. In any case, there is no software-based solution against the physical reproduction of the image displayed.

Extended use of application notifications

WhatsApp will show the sender as soon as the media file is opened by the recipient. We are also working on an expanded implementation of application notifications. In the future, the recipient may scroll through the chat preview here, but the received message is not marked readable yet. These various findings are currently being tested in different versions of the beta. It remains to be seen whether the new functionality will be released to all users, starting on iOS or Android or launching simultaneously for all users.

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