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Mysterious Blue Box application postponed, new activation date -

The application for the Blue Box game will be available in preload at the end of July – Nert 4. Life

We are approaching the end of the connected mystery Abandoned Because there is a date preload dell’app Officially integrated with the game for the PS5, it is available for download July 29, 2021, And this is not just another part of the mystery surrounding the production of the Blue Box.

We have seen in recent days that the application is loaded on PlayStation servers and now we have a date to pre-load the application, i.e. July 29, 2021, although this application does not mean that it will be usable. From that date.

Abandoned, the app will be available for pre-loading from July 29 on the PS Store

Based on the update to the PlayStation Store visible from the screenshot above, it looks like a pre-loading system that will allow you to prepare the app on your consoles when you decide to release Blue Box and Sony products. This. It is not yet clear, but it seems that this application Watch the trailers Related to the game, it has sparked rumors in recent days about a somewhat bizarre solution and a strange theory that has been dropped, in fact, could be a cover for another project, perhaps even Hideo Kojima’s new Silent Hill.

Various ideas related to this have been more or less eliminated, but there is still a great deal of interest in this game, which was released months ago with a teaser trailer PS5 exclusive. The abandoned app, with a new trailer, was supposed to be released in June, but then the team decided to postpone the release to August, although the support software will be available for download from July 29th.

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