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Innocence and its sequel will arrive in the cloud version of Switch

Innocence and its sequel will arrive in the cloud version of Switch

When Nintendo Direct to E3 2021, We learned it Guardians of the Marvel Marvel Like other consoles, the Nintendo Switch also comes with. In a statement, Nintendo states that this is a cloud version.

Image Credit: Eidos Montreal

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Personally, I think this is good news. The famous Switch Pro is still rumored, in my opinion Nintendo wants to see the cloud Third party is very firm for the next gen games. Of course, like Doom Eternity, you can upgrade games to make them switchable, but this comes at the expense of reducing the game’s visual quality, its resolution and fluidity. Cloud should not make this compromise and can release the game at the same time on other new generation consoles. Also, a Black Tale: Innocence and its sequel A Black Tale: Requiem Cloud Edition also comes with the Nintendo Switch.

Previous cloud-based Nintendo Switch titles, Control Ultimate Edition and Hitman 3 use Ubitus’ cloud-based gaming service. To test the fluidity of a game in the cloud with your internet connection, you can try the game for free for 5 minutes before deciding whether to buy it.

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Eidos Montreal has confirmed to us that it will also use Ubitus’ service to digitally distribute the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy on the Nintendo Switch; So we can expect similar conditions. Of course, Wi-Fi to play requires constant access, which limits the portability of the switch.

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