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International Solitaire Day for Oglan's Independence Day - Radio Onda de Urto

International Solitaire Day for Oglan’s Independence Day – Radio Onda de Urto

In southern Kurdistan, in the mountains of Turkey and Iraq, the PKK’s stronghold invasion continues. Turkish armed forces have launched new airstrikes, and guerrilla resistance continues. More than 50 airstrikes. Turkey talks about the shelters, bunkers and arsenals used by the PKK, while Kurdish forces condemn the bombing of civilian villages.

All of this comes just days after Abdullah O’Keefe was abducted in Kenya on February 15, 1999. PKK founder Imrali was imprisoned on Fort Island. To hear of his release, about twenty garrisons were planned over the weekend in Italy, from Milan to Rome, from Bologna to Florence, from Palermo to Rovico.

Afternoon: 4.45pm Link with Jessica de Rette Jin Milano at the end of the garrison at the Piazza della Scala in Milan. The initiative we planned with him tomorrow afternoon was inspired by the women’s gin solidarity titled “Freedom for Oklahoma: The Time Has Come”.

3.15pm: Correspondence from Milan, Piazza della Scala, Mila’s comrade Luciano Mulbauer Listen or download

Morning: Contact with Syed Dursen, Local Kurdish Community and Ararat Socio-Cultural Center at Roy Headquarters in Vail Massini, Rome Garrison, Listen or Download

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