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Beta has a date and trailer open on PC via Legends, Epic Games Store - Nert 4. Life

Beta has a date and trailer open on PC via Legends, Epic Games Store – Nert 4. Life

The Open beta of Magic: Myths There is one Information The beginning, revealed Trailer You can find it below: PC users can participate in trials starting March 23rd.

Announced at the 2019 Sports Awards, Magic: Legends will be exclusively available in 2021 Epic Sports Shop, And allow all fans of the series to become Plainswalkers.

In the game we can choose our personal path and collect items to addEquipment, Learn spells and create catastrophic combinations to counter evil forces and save multiverses.

We can choose between five to accomplish our mission Classic Different, but not particularly tied to someone: we can switch at will during our games.

The sense of freedom of the title created Cryptic Studios It extends to the study phase, where you can visit, choose in what order, and take part in exciting battles.

Whether you decide to master the power of white, blue, black, red or green mana, your choices will determine how you move the battlefield.

Find innumerable spells and collect pages that make them even more powerful. Acquire and use the equipment and artifacts at the right synergy through your deck to design the style of game you want.

Travel planes alone or with two other plane walkers. Create unique combinations to enhance the strength of your team players.

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