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All information and tips about winter update

All information and tips about winter update

Through a live stream, Capcom delivered a large amount of content that gamers can look forward to in the coming months. Including detailed information on upcoming characters, dynamics and updates.

The winter update for Street Fighter V includes the following:

New character: Don Hibigi

Der Meister des Psycho: Don Hibigi

© Capcom

With the winter update on February 22nd, the first character of the fifth content season will also appear: Dan Hippie.

Dan’s special moves are reminiscent at first glance of Shotokan characters like Ryu, Ken and Aguma. He holds a fireball, an upwards called Katokan and Koirukkan. However, his movements are much less controlled than those of more experienced fighters.

His ego does not seem to be affected by his tough fighting style. Teasing has always been a part of Dan’s character identity. Street Fighter V goes one step further and builds its V-capabilities around this property. V-Skill 1 allows Dan to undo his moves with his slander, thus exploring completely new combo ways.

Its V-triggers, on the other hand, are very regular. V-Trigger 1 is his strong fireball, How Katogan, which can be charged and, after a certain time, can break the opponent’s barrier. Dance’s V-Trigger 2, Tenzi Saikio no Katta, strengthens his regular fireball and surface. For example, the latter will become completely indestructible, which will turn into a real dragon punch.

Don throws a big ball at his opponent

Hawin Katogan was Dan’s first V-trigger

© Capcom

In earlier episodes, Dan was always a kind of whip boy. His fighting skills were limited, his fireballs were small and he was able to stand out from the rest of the team primarily through numerous slanders. Based on the fact that he is a parody of the Art of Fighting character Rio Sasaki Designed by.

His Street Fighter V version seems to put an end to it. Dana Everything we’ve seen so far is very interesting. Its ability to repel attacks using V-Skill opens up completely new possibilities. It remains to be seen whether the Saikio Master will be able to keep his own against the remaining street fighters.

New Dynamics: V-Shift

Upcoming Balance Update brings a new, defensive mechanism into action: V-Shift uses a block of your V-bar and allows you to make an inaccessible line behind your character. If you avoid a move properly, a slow motion effect is created to help punish your movement. However, if you use V-Shit without avoiding the attack, the action will swallow your entire V-Shit.

Ryu weighs in an attack last time

With V-Shift you can avoid enemy attacks

© Capcom

Each character has a V-shift break. This is the follow-up attack you can carry out after a successful V-Shit.

Season Pass Bonus: Eleven

If you bought the season pass for the fifth season, you will get another character in the Dawn release: Eleven is a format designer who transforms into a different, available character in each competition. In the game he behaves similarly to the original fighter, but retains its glossy appearance.

Eleven characters after being selected on the writing screen.

Transforms into eleven other characters

© Capcom

Free for everyone: Phase 2 and Balance Adjustment

Regardless of whether you purchased Season Pass or Dawn separately, you will receive a free reserve update on February 22nd. This includes adjustment for all characters and V-shift mechanic.

In addition, all players get another point for free. The phase replacement shows the old training position in a darker form, with blue accents.

The old training level is the new variant of The Grid

The new version of The Grid is by far the strongest

© Capcom

Bright future

Capcom emphasized this and provided a detailed preview of the next article in the release list: Roses are available in the spring. You can already get an in-depth look at their new moves and their status. A great invention was her Soul Spark fireball, which she could now use in the air.

Rose wraps her scarf around the opponent

Soul Pint replaces Rose’s Soul Throw from the old parts of the series

© Capcom

Her V-Capacity 1 Rose allows her to draw a Tarot card, which gives her a strengthening effect, and she can use it as a projectile. V-Capacity 2 builds soul satellites. A skill that was to become the Ultra Special Move in Street Fighter IV, and mastered Red Bull Athlete Oliver “Luffy” Hey Used when he won the EVO with Rose in 2014.

Of course, Luffy is happy to get his character back.

Oro will return

Finally there was a big surprise for the fans. After the live stream is already over, you can watch a short scene where the character Oro uses his coconut super movie. Street Fighter III: The Connoisseurs have long loved the fighter who first appeared in the Third Strike Pack. With this note, Capcom confirms that the final character is Season 5 Oro.

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