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76% of users do not like it, Apple has missed the mark

While it seems that the new iPhone 13 lineup has not sparked the interest of many smartphone users, a new study by Cellell reveals that the iPhone 13s will be a harder time than expected to convince new customers.

In a cell survey conducted in the United States with 5,000 participants, about 64% of Apple users believe in the new taxIPhone 13 “Not much” or “no” is interesting. 21.5% of iPhone 13 models are “somewhat” excited, and Only 14.4% said they were “too” or “too excited”.

IPhone 13 review
Credit: SellCell

Since 76% of users do not like the new iPhone 13, Apple has not been able to convince its customers of this new generation. Nearly 44% of iPhone owners plan to buy a new model in the fallToday they are only 23%.

Apple is no longer innovation, innovations are less exciting

For those planning to buy the new generation, this is not surprising The iPhone 13 Pro is the most popular choice with 42.5%, The iPhone 13 Pro Max (26.3%), the standard iPhone 13 (22%) and finally the iPhone 13 Mini (9.2%). In fact, the majority of users (34.1%) want to discover the iPhone 13 Pro’s new 120Hz promotion screen, and 25.3% are interested in better battery life than the previous generation.

IPhone 13
Credit: SellCell

The iPhone 13 Mini is not yet very popular among users. Following the failure of the iPhone 12 Mini, we know itApple does not plan to launch any new iPhone 14 mini in 2022, This is because it will be replaced by a new model with a 6.7-inch screen.

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36.8% of those who decided that brand loyalty is strong have not been upgraded, they said They plan to wait for the next generation iPhone 14. Confirms information about thisAn earlier SellCell study showed that iPhone users are more loyal than Android users..

Finally, among the reasons that push users not to switch to this new generation, we learn it 29.3% of users are waiting for the Touch ID sensor to return, And 19.5% believe improvements are not enough. 12.1% are even more excited about the model they already have, and 9.6% say Apple always wants to add on-display mode, thanks to the new LTPO display on the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. .

Source: Sell