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Interest rate hike - it intensifies - be careful!

Interest rate hike – it intensifies – be careful!

Dear readers,

Equity and real estate markets perform even better as interest rates are lower. Money is cheap, which is why so many loans are needed. We have seen this situation for many years – and it will end soon. The British central bank is likely to raise interest rates in the new week.

A signal

The British have the same interest rate issues as we see with them. Interest rates are too low to drastically reduce inflation. You should now expect that the inflation rate in Germany has not even reached a maximum of 4.1%. In Great Britain, the Bank of England will soon bring the consequences.

That creates a problem. International financial markets and international currency markets are also competing with each other. If UK rates rise, the US and eventually the eurozone will rise. The tariff hike debate will accelerate in the coming days. This will affect the stock markets.

The British start because there are special factors. Like us, energy prices have risen. There, however, the shelves in the supermarkets have now also been removed. In addition, many petrol stations are currently unable to dispense petrol. Therefore, the British are faster than other countries.

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However, the expectation is clear: the dollar and the euro will come under pressure as interest rates rise in Great Britain and the British pound appreciates. This eventually leads to demands for higher interest rates and the completion of bond purchase plans. It is not surprising that interest rates in the eurozone and the US will continue to rise this year.

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Real estate markets and stock markets need to be cautious accordingly. Fluctuations can greatly increase, especially in stocks. Still, do not exaggerate the upcoming revisions in these markets. With high level of certainty, the crisis is unlikely to cause a collapse in the stock markets. Companies that make enough profit will survive or survive at a high level. These are values ​​like Allianz, but as big as Apple or Amazon.

Real estate is only under pressure in the medium term. Prices have risen by more than 7% each in the last few years. Historically, this is too much. After taking into account the inflation rate, real estate prices generally increase by only 1%. So we see a real bubble with a high degree of certainty at current prices. After all, Apple and company are safer than investing more in stocks.

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