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Thrustmaster D248 Test: A FS Feedback Flywheel with Granset for PS5 and PC

Thrustmaster D248 Test: A FS Feedback Flywheel with Granset for PS5 and PC

For its T248, Trustmaster modified the power feedback mechanism of its flywheel, adopting a hybrid technology based on gears and belts. If you still feel the tips of the gears, the belt provides the expected flexibility, thus avoiding the dry side of force feedback generated by mechanisms that only have gears. A kind of intermediary between the force feedbacks of the T150 / TMX and the T300 / TX and other superior steering wheels on the Thrustmaster.

In any case Thrustmaster declares that its T248 is 70% more powerful than its T150. In fact, without reaching the strength of the T300 / TX, an increase in this level can be seen. Not enough to impress us too much when we use very high steering wheels to explode, but for steering below € 400, it is already very satisfying.

However, the power feedback is very sensible in setting the No. 1 content to accurately reproduce the effects required for the game. Biting the edges and vibrations of the path. This shyness in rotation can be surprising compared to other steering wheels, they are very planned from the beginning and spend their time bombarding us with spin, but in the end it turns out to be very pleasant for piloting as it does not bother. Excess information. If you want to feel better about some of the effects, Thrustmaster 2 has provided other force feedback systems designed to amplify the information provided by games or racing simulations. It’s practical to see that some people are a little shy in returning power.

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However, keep in mind that it is essential to have proper consideration of the steering wheel through games / simulations. Hence the titles of the series DRT And DRT Rally Make good use of the nuances of force feedback, which is very rare in the case of a Cron Tourism Game Of which T248 is the least expressed. Nevertheless, we can expect updates and of course full support on the T248 GT7.

Anyway, the T248 tastes good in small heat. After 1 hour of play, we noticed an internal temperature of 52 C, according to the information displayed on the steering wheel control screen. The fan responsible for removing heat emits noise and is quiet enough not to be disturbed. The small AC adapter, on the other hand, is not too hot.