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Indiana Jones "joins an Xbox", jokingly claims official Microsoft account - Nert 4. Life

Indiana Jones “joins an Xbox”, jokingly claims official Microsoft account – Nert 4. Life

New Indiana Jones Created by Bethesda already speaks a lot about itself. One thing that most annoys PlayStation 5 owners is that the game may be exclusive to Xbox and PC. Account Official Twitter The Xbox doesn’t help the mood: he’s a “these hours.”This game Owns an Xbox! “On the one hand it quotes one of the most popular phrases Indy speaks and on the other hand it makes all the fans who thought of the uniqueness of the game immediately blink.

In fact this simple sentence is not enough to confirm anything, unless it is emphasized again The game comes on Xbox. But it was more than given. It seems strange to us that Microsoft and Disney would choose such a path Informal Announce this kind of deal publicly, and just hours after the Indiana Jones of Machine Games was officially announced.

It is true that at this time Microsoft will not be announcing anything related to Bethesda, which will finalize the acquisition of the publisher, but this is simply a Quote Movies are used very wisely by Xbox community managers.

No matter what happens, the deal between Microsoft and Bethesda will always create gods Doubts, We hope that both companies will clearly resolve after the announcement. World Premiere, console exclusive, console first and between these marketing superfetations, are now coming to make official accounts Confusion. We do not feel the need.