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Focus on inclusion plan, role of families and diversity: Download report, tracking and questionnaire

Focus on inclusion plan, role of families and diversity: Download report, tracking and questionnaire

In the logic of sharing students ’life plans, educational institutions pay particular attention to relationships with families from the moment they enroll, enroll and enroll students in first grade. Expect regular meetings to exchange information and cooperate with families and communities.

For the disabled area, the supportive teacher-family relationship is particularly stable in terms of the structure of school life, and the creation of ceremonial documents in the context of meetings with the protagonists of the curriculum.


Particular emphasis is placed on sharing with the family information and the educational-artificial pathway most relevant to the needs of the students, based on the diagnosis provided and, in the case of different programming, the student should be allowed to obtain a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

The perfect set of BES students and PDP

For students with other BESs, the proper and complete compilation of CDC’s PDPs and sharing with families are essential steps in managing personalized pathways and inviting direct contact with families. Improving the education of their children, especially students by managing behavior and the duties performed.

A profitable school-family collaboration should continue to be developed along the path of students ’education with BES next year. Kindergarten in elementary school and above all, any difficulties or observations / observations of students will be strengthened, which should create personalized artificial-educational pathways in a timely manner.

Development of a curriculum that focuses on diversity and improving inclusive training pathways

The school focuses on diversity as a resource and promotes an inclusive culture through specific training classes.

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Preventing and early identification of potential learning problems is ensured and the teaching-learning process takes into account the diversity of subjects. Particular attention is paid to students’ life plans by improving social life and achieving autonomy-related skills.

If it is deemed appropriate and necessary, the courses will be implemented in such a way as to facilitate language and “order” learning based on the available resources: in particular, our company will also be conducting solution courses that are ongoing from the beginning to the end of next year. Educational path and end of first quarter (teaching interval).

Basic tools of design

IEP and PDP are recognized as basic tools for planning an inclusive education-training path that responds to students’ needs and difficulties, and ensures the development of a curriculum that focuses on diversity. To this end, artificial strategies aimed at satisfying diversified learning styles and rhythms will be implemented in educational processes.

As with every school year, support teacher support and assistants are provided where students with disabilities participate in scheduled educational trips and sporting events.

Improving existing resources

Through artificial-education programs aimed at inclusion, the school will guarantee the enhancement of existing professional and structural resources.

In organizing recruitment activities, the opportunity to utilize external professional resources available by the region will be evaluated.

An information technology platform will be created on the school website to facilitate the collection of information about BES and facilities for various departments.

Acquisition and distribution of additional resources that can be used to implement addition projects

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Schools Purpose:

– Use support staff in a functional way in adding projects;

– Involve teachers in basic skill recovery workshops;

– Integration of student survey tools with BES;

– Use educational psychologists to work on the relevant dynamics of the class group;

– Promoting extracurricular sports activities for students with disabilities with the aim of participating in the Paralympic Games in the municipal and regional context;

– Continue or re-propose projects that have proven particularly useful for students’ academic development and develop new ones based on the skills and needs identified at the beginning of the year.

Transition phases

Particular attention is paid to the transition phases that signify entering the school system, the continuity between different levels of schooling and subsequent employment.

In the case of schools that each institution oversees or interacts with first-grade high schools, there is ample employment opportunity for students to establish and ensure continuity with the schools that emerge with its catchment area with the region’s second-grade high schools. During the reception and pre-admission phase, meetings / interviews will be held with the parents and services of middle school children each year to obtain all information useful to learn about students with SEN and to complete the IEP process. Or PDP.

Documents relating to students with SEN (PEI, PDP) will be accepted by the sending schools to ensure continuity in educational activities and will be sent to the schools of any transfer and to the schools of the second cycle.